2022 Standings (Last updated October 5, 2022)

WSVRHA Year End Awards are based on points from your “Best 5” Shows, the Championship Show will count.
If you have more that 5 shows we will drop the show(s) with the lowest All Around Placement Points.
“All Around Placement Points” do not always equal the total number of placement points from classes combined.

The shows that this includes are:
Running T Fall Round up 10/1-2/22
UT Heritage Classic #1 9/4/22
UT Heritage Classic #2 9/4/22
GS Fall Classic 9/3-4/22
AZ Fall Round up #2 9/4/22
AZ Fall Round up #1 9/3/22
Clifford Versatility Challenge 8/12-14/2022
Silver State Circuit #2 7/31/22
Silver State Circuit #1 7/31/22
UQHA Rose Circuit #2 7/22/22
UQHA Rose Circuit #1 7/21/22
Cinch Up Productions 7/3/22
QHEAC #2 6/4/22
QHEAC #1 6/2/22
Central Coast Classic 5/21-22/22
JPR Spring Works #2 5/1/22
JPR Spring Works #1 4/29/22
Running T Ranch Roundup 4/9-10/22
AZ Ranch Horse Roundup 3/20/22

Year End High Point Saddles Criteria

A Horse and Rider combination, with the highest All Around points in a division, will be awarded a WSVRHA Year End High Point Saddle Certificate when the following occurs:

  1. A Horse/Rider Combination must attend at least five (5) WSVRHA sanctioned shows. The horse/rider combination must enter and compete in the All Around to receive points toward Year End. (The point system is outlined on page 23 of the 2022 WSVRHA Handbook). Four (4) of these shows must be at the affiliate level prior to the finals and one (1) of these shows must be at the WSVRHA Championship Show in Las Vegas. A Horse/rider combination may attend more than five (5) shows, points will be calculated from their best five (5) shows.
  2. A saddle will be awarded in a division when five (5) competitors, in the same division of WSVRHA, have completed the above requirements. Year End Standings will be updated on WSVRHA.org after each show is recorded.

Affiliate Organizations

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